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son ^//p//^


"I am simply one hell of a show-off." [x]



poisonedfortunecookie replied to your post: The smell of sea air and the sound of …

aaaaaah looks so nice, i want to live by the coast *i just want to dive into the sea right now*

I wish we could go in there but the current is fast and it’s dangerous :( It’s mainly for fishermen and such! We have a beach like 30 mins from us on the train though, we need to gooo (volleyball beach episode y/y???)

BEACH EPISODE YES!! That would be so much fun ;;A;; ah at least your close to a beach too. also i have a cheap volley ball net for the beach somewhere….. just fyi althoguh its at my mums so that makes it awkward 


i am not crying at all


Screencap redraw meme! What do you mean that’s not what the scene was like i see no difference


He won’t let me listen to anything but Zelda Music.

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i am 99999% done with you momo
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